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Owner/Technician Donald Hughes has been maintaining, designing, and trouble shooting PC Computers since 1989. In his jobs at local manufacturing companies, he worked as a Manufacturing Quality Assurance Engineer and Software Quality Engineer and while doing that became a valuable resource to the IT departments for routine maintenance and system design for the departments where he worked.

In 2005, Don along with his son Nolan, decided to start a business dedicated to supporting the home computer user. Here at East Penn PC Support, our target consumer is one that has a computer, someone who may have the knowledge to solve mundane issues, but not the time. Or the user that may have the time but is just not interested in deciphering through all of the stuff sometime necessary to solve issues.

The goal of East Penn PC Support is to serve and assist home users in their plight against troublesome viruses and computer hackers, solve potential issues before they become large and unmanageable, and to help the home user determine the type of system that best fits their current and future needs.

We are located in the Lehigh Valley near Allentown Pennsylvania, and are dedicated to helping home PC Computer users determine their computing needs and help them maintain their systems in top working condition.

We speciallize in computer security, hardware and software upgrades, optimization, Data recovery, and Point of Sale services.

Contact East Penn PC today at 484-347-7190 or via email at info@eastpennpc.com

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  • AVG Free Anti-Virus Software
  • CCleaner Registry and Hard Drive Cleaner
  • Download TeamViewer Quick Support


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